Lux Exploration Pty Ltd


LUX Exploration Pty Ltd (LUX) is a 100%-owned Australian subsidiary of ECR Minerals PLC (“ECR”). LUX has submitted applications for three (3) Exploration Permits for Minerals (“EPM”) in North East Queensland, Australia approximately 120km west of Charters Towers and 40km north of Pentland, North Queensland. These applications have now been approved by the Department of Resources & Environmental Authority.
The area covers the Lolworth Range and its associated drainage area. EPM’s are currently held by other operators, in the Cape River area to the west and over the Lolworth diggings located to the east, respectively to this application area.

Gold nuggets found in the creeks sampled by our field team in Lolworth, N Queensland The nuggets were found with a metal detector within the creeks and up the hill slopes above some of the creek we have sampled.


The Lolworth Range and surrounding terrain is a mix of at least four different rock-types ranging from the Early Ordovician through to Permian age. The oldest known rocks are known as the Cape River Beds and consist of sandstones and quartzites that have undergone little metamorphism through to gneisses and schists. These rocks host most of the known gold deposits within the Lolworth-Pentland area. The mid-Ordovician aged Ravenswood Igneous Complex intrudes the Cape River Beds and is an ‘I’ type granitoid thought to derive from a deep magmatic source. The Ravenswood and Charters Towers goldfields are associated with... Read More»

LUX Exploration Pty Ltd considers the application area has high prospectivity for intrusive related minerals such as gold (Au) and Tin/Tungsten (Sn, W) from the following reasons;
  • Past exploration has identified anomalous Au and Sn/W within the drainage lines of the Lolworth Range. No intensive follow-up exploration has been undertaken since identifying these anomalies.
  • The recorded intrusive rock types of the area are complex enough to be prime foundations for the formation of intrusive-related ore deposits. These rock types have already been proven to host world-class ore deposits in the nearby area (Charters Towers, My Leyshon, Kidston etc…)
  • Increase in metal prices combined with the current situations in the rest of the World highlights the economic opportunity for the North Queensland region.
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