Issue of Shares and Warrants

(“Mercator Gold”, “Mercator” or “the Company”)




LONDON: 21 NOVEMBER 2005 - The Company announces that pursuant to the invitation to exercise warrants early announced on 5 August 2005 (the "Offer") and Newland Resources Limited's ("Newland Resources") agreement to underwrite the Offer to the maximum extent, the Company has issued to Newland Resources 9,938,094 fully paid ordinary shares of 1p each and 9,938,094 warrants of 10p each expiring on 7 November 2006.

In addition, the Company has issued 20,000 fully paid ordinary shares of 1p each and 10,000 warrants at 10p each expiring on 7 November 2006 pursuant to an application to exercise warrants before the 8p warrant exercise period expired.


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