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LONDON: 22 JULY 2005 - Following on from the appointment of Dr Susan Vearncombe as a Director of the Company, the Company has agreed to issue Dr Susan Vearncombe with 750,000 new share options. The share options are exercisable at any time within the next 10 years at an exercise price of 10p per Ordinary Share.

Following the issue of these new share options, the interests of Dr Susan Vearncombe in the Ordinary Share capital of the Company are as follows:

Number of share issued subscribe Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares as a Percentage of issued Ordinary Share capital Number of Warrants to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares Number of options to for new Shares
1,700,000* 1.95 per cent 400,000* 1,500,000


The total number of Ordinary Shares, Warrants and share options to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares held by Dr Susan Vearncombe is 3,600,000 which represents 4.13% of the Company's issued share capital.

* Dr. Susan Vearncombe's interest in Ordinary Shares includes Dr. Julian Vearncombe's interest in 200,000 Ordinary Shares and 400,000 warrants which are held in the Vearncombe Superannuation Fund.


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